Grab my attention in 10 seconds or less

        The average internet user decides within the first 10 seconds whether or not a site is worth their time.


        If you manage to get them to stick around for longer than that, odds are they’ll hear what you have to say.

People don’t like to read webpages. People like to view webpages.

        There is a phrase spreading across the internet known as TL;DR — meaning, “too long, didn’t read.”  People do not like giant walls of text and will often skim over large paragraphs to find small chunks they can easily digest.  One way to add interest and break up your information is with images.

Show, don’t Tell

        Far too many businesses clutter their homepage up with too many paragraphs of text and not enough attention grabbing material.  Rather than tell customers how delicious and golden your chicken is over the course of 2-3 paragraphs, let a photo speak for itself.








        I’m not saying you should eliminate text all together. In fact, too many photos can be distracting. The important thing is to find a nice appealing balance.

        Take a look at the homepage of your website. Are there some walls of text you should break up? Do you have an attention grabbing photo? Ask yourself what your potential client is looking for when they go to your website, and then deliver that thing!

        Odds are, they aren’t coming to your website for a wall of text. They want quick fast info, or they want a visual of the service/product you provide.

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